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You are in the right place to find the Japanese recipe.
We are introducing Japanese Recipes that are using Restaurant method.
It is easy, super fast and extreme taste. Yum Yum Yum!!!
Keep in mind. Use the right condiments and the right material.
Do you know that salt is contained in cooking-sake?
Chefs in Japan does not use these kind of cooking-sake.
Please check here, before you cook an Authentic Japanese Food.

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Satoimo Tori Wine-ni

Satoimo is taro potato and Tori is chicken in Japanese.
Red wine and raisins are used to give it a

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Oyakodon is simmered chicken and egg on rice.
Oyako Don is one of the famous donburi dish in Japan.OYAKO means "parent-and-child" and  DON means donburi dish in Japanese.

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How to read a recipe. Panko fried.
Cooking oil temperature. How to make a Tempura.
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Satoimo Tori Wine-ni (simmered taro-potato and chicken with red wine)
  Takenoko Umani (Bamboo shoots Nimono) is updated
  Ten-Don is updated
  Fancy Inari Sushi
  California roll sushi
  Gyudon (Simmered beef and onion on rice)
  Barachirashi Sushi
  Oyakodon (simmered chicken and egg on rice)
  Katsudon (pork cutlets on the rice)
  Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet)
  Aburi Shime Toro Salmon (Roast Marinated Salmon)
  Aburi Sake No Zuke (Roast Salmon with Zuke Marinade)
  Ikura No Umami Hitashi ( Salmon Roe with Dashi Jiru Sauce )
  Furofuki-Daikon (Simmered Daikon with Aka-Miso sauce)
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