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Measure Spoon

Tablespoon 15mL
Teaspoon 5mL
Cup 200mL

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Takenoko Umani

Recipe's condiments  
(Bamboo shoots)

Takenoko is bamboo shoots in Japanese. Its harvested in spring. Fresh takenoko should be cooked with rice water as soon as possible after harvest. Pre-cooked Takenoko is available at Asian grocery.


How to read the recipe!

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Recipe & Recipe's condiments
9   Dashi jiru [?] 
2   Hon-Mirin [?]
2   Sake [?]
1   Soy sauce-Usukuchi [?]
0.2   Sugar


Cut the Takenoko into the bite size.
Boil the Takenoko and drain the hot water.
At the same time, put all the Recipe's condiments in a pot.
Add the Takenoko into the pot and heat it up.
Simmer medium heat for about 10 minutes.



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