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Measure Spoon

Tablespoon 15mL
Teaspoon 5mL
Cup 200mL

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Miso katsu (pork cutlet with miso-sauce)

Recipe's Condiments Egg
Pork fillet Flour
Vegetable oil Panko [?]
Salt / White pepper Cabbage

Misokatsu is tonkatsu(Deep fried pork cutlet) with Miso-sauce. This sauce is well known sauce from Nagoya region in Japan. It's rich taste has surprising effect on pork dishes. Try and find out yourself.


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Recipe & Recipe's condiments


  Akadashi-Miso [?]
2   Water
1   Hon-Mirin [?]
1   Sugar
0.5   Soy-Koikuchi [?]


Put all recipe's condiments in a pan. Heat the pan on low flame and stair constantly until the sauce is smooth. Cautious, it is easy to burn.
Make Tonkatsu (Deep fried pork cutlet). (How to make Panko fried)
Cut Tonkatsu and serve it with the sauce. Fine shredded cabbage is the best sidedish with Tonkatsu.



Add finely chopped and well sautéed onion in the sauce, which make the sauce richer and superb taste.


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